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Applications using DUNE - FEM

Interactive simulation of an ash cloud of the volcano Grímsvötn

Short Description

The program simulates how an ash cloud emitted by the Iceland volcano would move in a certain velocity field, which is determined by the user on a graphical interface. For the simulation an advection-diffusion-equation is solved.
This project was developed in June/July 2011 for the "Wissenschaftsmarkt" (Science Market) in Freiburg.


The graphical interface was developed using SDL and OpenGL. It provides the possibility to draw a velocity field. By processing this data, a smooth velocity field is calculated and will serve as input for the PDE, an advection diffusion equation in 2d (that is, the ash movement at a certain height level). Additionally to the velocity, the user can appoint the diffusion parameter. The velocity field, as soon as computed, is visualized. Then the PDE is solved using a Discontinuous Galerkin (DG) scheme which only had to be adapted for the present case.The order of the DG scheme can be set by the user. The solution algorithm is effected parallelly on a remote server (whereas the velocity field smoothening happens on the local computer). By default SP-Grid is used, a structured (quadrilateral) grid. The results are again visualized in the map (see images).

The left image is a screenshot taken after the arrows have been drawn and before the smooth velocity field is computed. The second one was taken during the final solution visualization.